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We work out of your CRM to keep you updated on our efforts every step of the way.


Aside from a low coverage cost that covers our technology, we only charge a commission on opportunities that you actually sell.


We work hard hand in hand with your team so we can tailor our BDC to your unique business and needs. As an extension of your staff, we truly acclimate to your culture and build long-lasting relationships.

We explain why you need our BDC

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Our Services

Wash your hands of first response to your customers with our most popular service in which we assume the front lines of your lead follow up process. Using a blend of state of the art technology including ringless voicemail, E-Blasts and Calldrip software we will connect with your customers within seconds converting them to high quality appointments ready for you to sell.

We work with your management time to customize a Turn process that connects you seamlessly with your customers. Our experts focus on setting appointments and allowing your team to sell.

You do not want to take away First Response from your sales team, but want to make sure that each and every lead is followed up with quickly?  Our Supplemental BDC package is perfect for you.  Keep your staff on First Response, but allow us to be your safety net after 10 minutes.  This pushes your staff to follow up with leads quickly and assures no lead will slip through the cracks.  If your staff misses it we have your back.  Note, that the longer you wait to answer leads the less likely you will get a hold of that customer.

What do most people need to buy a car? They need a job, which means that a lot of car shopping happens after hours when they get hope from work. Response time is just as important when you are closed as it is during the day. So how do you keep your response time low? Most importantly, how do you keep a competitive advantage? Go ahead and clock out, we have your back until 10PM.

Wash your hands of all inbound calls, internet leads, follow up practices and creative event marketing to get your sales development firing on all cylinders.

Our ringless voicemail campaigns allow us to record a personalized message from you and your management and drop it on thousands of customer’s phones within seconds. They don’t see the call, but will see they have a voicemail and it’s from you! We encourage a casual, non-scripted message that gets to the point and shows the customer you care.
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Email Marketing has one of the greatest ROIs in Marketing with over a $38 return per $1 invested. As part of our monthly BDC service we leverage the power of Email Marketing to help generate business and drive appointments. We also offer this service a la carte and can set up an Email Campaign and/or Blast for you outside of our month to month BDC service. Email Marketing is a critical part of our success and we have the expertise to help your business dial it in.

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